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The Bonar Institute Creates Advisory Board – Institute Looks Ahead to Exponential Growth

OTTAWA, November 9, 2022 – The Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc. announces the creation of an Advisory Board of recognized experts to help propel the Institute into the future. The Advisory Board will serve as a forum for exploring new corporate opportunities by stimulating robust and highly insightful discussions and helping create customized roadmaps for long-term, sustainable success.

“We are on the cusp of exponential growth,” says Founder and President, James de Gaspé Bonar. “We are currently working on completing a partnership with a dynamic strategic advisory firm that supports high-growth companies by providing them with a fully integrated human capital program, including HR Fractional Services, and Human Capital Strategy advisement. Management can make better and more informed decisions with the distilled knowledge, critical thinking, and analysis provided by an advisory board. We are very excited about this endeavor.”

The Institute’s inaugural Advisory Board Members include:

Christine Wzorek:Christine is the Founder and CEO of White Label Advisors Inc., a Human Capital Advisory firm supporting high-growth companies. Named a Human Capital industry “Disruptor” in 2019 by Utah Magazine, Christine has disrupted and redefined how Human Capital works within the framework of modern business.

Elliot S. Schreiber, Ph.D: Elliot has a rich and varied career moving easily between senior corporate levels of global businesses, consulting, and academic worlds. His international corporate and consulting experiences, together with his academic background, have given him unique perspectives on how companies create value.

MikePickering:Founding Partner of Best Practice Learning Solutions. Mike has been in the business of consulting, coaching, and training for over 44 years.

JamesdeGaspéBonar,Ph.D.,CEC,PCC,Founder and President of Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc.

JohnBarkerJD,CCEP,CHC,CHPC,CHRC,Senior Director, Thought Leadership & Board Programs – Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc.


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